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A Subtle Trip (South Pavilion)

147’-6” L x 10’-0” H x 11” D

A Familiar Trip (North Pavilion)

16’-11” L X 19’-0” H x 11” D

Painted Aluminum

Potomac Yard Metro Station, Alexandria, VA

The composition of these artworks took influence from local wildflowers and iconic flora of the Potomac River region.  Virginia bluebells have a conical form, which is reflected in the South Pavilion’s circular parts. Whereas cherry blossoms have a star-like shape, which influenced the multi-pronged shape of the North Pavilion work. These distinct forms and colors create a clear identity for each of the pavilions while giving character to each area. The artworks are based on a halftone pattern methodology, which uses dots that vary in size and spacing to generate a gradient effect. With halftone images, the human eye interprets the patterned areas as if they were smooth tones. This artwork is designed to prompt similar moments of optical illusions for users who encounter the artwork each day from varying angles and perspectives.

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