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- Public Art Archive, When an electric current passes through this metal, it causes a layer of oxide to form on the surface which can be controlled to establish specific colors of blue, green, yellow or magenta.


Silver Lining

-  About Amazon, 18 must-see art installations at Amazon's second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. 

-  Public Art Archive, Thousands of strategically aimed mirrored surfaces sample and reflect the variety of colors, people and movements present.

-  Ignition Arts


-, Ensemble is a permanent installation inspired by the tall wetland grasses of the Ballona Watershed. 

- Public Art Archive

Street Scene

- Vibemap, Street Scene uses reflective, origami-style aluminum and stainless steel. 

- Public Art Archive, A pixelated terrain and mirrored surfaces capture disconnected moments in the urban environment. 


- Architecture & Design Community, The art installation is made from a series of layered aluminum ribbons that interact with a field of points located throughout this exterior wall, creating a collection of interconnected nodes, hubs, and conduits.

- Street Art News, The resulting composition is expressive of gestalt principles, or the human compulsion to find order in disorder by perceiving a series of individual elements as a whole.

- gooood, Named after the prehistoric supercontinent of Pangaea, this large-scale artwork is a collection of autonomous ‘islands’ that assemble into a singular, 3-story composition.

- Public Art Archive

Field Lines

- Contemporist, The permanent sculpture has been constructed from over 4,000 pieces of formed powder coated aluminium...

- Chicago Gallery News, The piece is sculpted to evoke the steady flow of a breeze through a field, inspired by the dynamic air currents that shape wind and weather patterns across the globe.

- goooodThe permanent sculpture spans 294 feet and is situated in the newly expanded O’Hare Airport Transit Hub.

- Public Art Archive, The currents, eddies, and vortexes that shape wind and weather patterns around the globe also have a direct impact on air travel in ways that are both supportive and disruptive. 

Endless Miles

- Buildings, Rob Ley's Endless Miles sculpture is a mesmerizing addition to the parking structure, taking up an entire side and depending on one's view and time of day can always look and feel different. 

-,  American artist based in Los Angeles who manages to captivate the world. 

- Public Art Archive,  When seen up close, the small colorful panels may be read as individual brushstrokes, while from afar the piece is seen as a mosaic-like composition. 

- Public Art in Public Places


- urdesign, American artist Rob Ley has recently installed a succulent-shaped kinetic sculpture, called ‘Ambiguous’, facing the Education Center of Oregon Zoo in Portland. 

- contemporist, ...this public artwork is based on the Education Center’s interpretive theme that “small things matter” 

- feeldesain, ...composed of hundreds of small bow-tie shaped elements with unique-angled bends and rivets that turn the separate pieces into a singular, monolithic form.

- gooood, This piece takes inspiration from the similarities seen when studying various forms that mark the beginning of life.

- Public Art Archive, The sculpture is created entirely from bead-blasted stainless steel, with a yellow powder-coated interior surface.

Double Exposure 

- Public Art Archive, A double exposure is typically associated with an analog technique of taking multiple photographic exposures on top of a single frame of film. 

- Chandra Cerrito, This painted aluminum sculpture is installed on the building facade, greeting visitors as they approach the entrance, while also visible to drivers and pedestrians passing by.


- San Diego Commission for Arts and CultureInspired by the systematic flow and transfer of water throughout the city, the proposed artwork consists of a dynamic, twenty-one-foot-tall sculpture which references both the movement of water and the infrastructure of the City's public utilities.

Index #1

- Hayward Library, This piece began with affection towards books as tangible bearers of information and entertainment. 


Public Art Archive, Commissioned by one of the world’s first computer companies, is an exploration of the moment when a seemingly chaotic field reveals an emergent, ordered pattern."


- Cargo Collective, A soft, suspended terrain created from hundreds of unique, curving tubes, composed into a singular, hanging cloud-like form.

-, KCPD Headquarters renovation project wins design excellence award.

- Ignition Arts, The artwork conveys the duality that exists within police officers as individual community members and as a unified presence of strength and authority.

- Public Art Archive, The silver and gold finished tubes are able to exist as both autonomous elements and as multiple parts that create a singular ceiling sculpture. 


- ARQA, ...the transformation of the new Eskenazi Hospital parking structure into a binary, synthetic terrain.

- The Architect's Newspaper, ... it appears to morph and change color as the viewer walks or drives by.

- Design/Milk, Just because it’s a parking structure, doesn’t mean it has to be boring and unappreciated.

- Contemporist, interactive art facade made from 7,000 angled metal panels attached to a parking structure at the new Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

- ArchDaily, ...the design ultimately became something that offers a degree a variability of color and form as one passes by the project.

- Wired, A massive installation that makes this building change colors.

- AECCafe, This project sought to explore parallels between techniques of two-dimensional image construction and the tectonic considerations present in the design and fabrication of building enclosures.

- Interesting Engineering, approach that would create a very large dynamic, interactive element for the city.

- NewAtlas, It features 7,000 metal panels at different angles with a different color on each side. 

- Baunetz Knowledge, Billowing facade installation made of blue and yellow aluminum plates. 

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