Rob Ley, Florida State University, Installation


Recycled Stainless Steel
55’ H x 18 W x 3’ D
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

A 5-story atrium, permanent wall sculpture for the Visual Arts Department building at Florida State University. This sculpture is formed by attaching and draping 50 separate recycled stainless steel strips in a manner that creates depth and variation along its 55’ total height. The piece passes through 5 separate floors and sub-departments of the school, offering each level a unique view of the piece and its floor its own distinct identity. The installation is a three-dimensional resultant of multiple two-dimensional photographs that drive various qualitative values in the project. Qualities such as projection distance, degree of curvature, and connection locations are quantified by pixel-level color values extracted from a series of photographs taken around the site.