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Rob Ley - Kodachroma
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Anodized Titanium and Painted Aluminum

36' L x 15' H x 2'D
Winship Cancer Institute

Emory Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia 

This colorful relief sculpture uses two photographs of the natural environment to create a visually kinetic composition. This artwork marks the first time our studio has incorporated titanium as a medium. In addition to its wide use in medical implants and surgical devices, titanium has the unique ability for its color to be altered through an anodizing process. When an electric current passes through this metal, it causes a layer of oxide to form on the surface which can be controlled to establish specific colors of blue, green, yellow or magenta. Approximately one-third of the 3000+ elements within this artwork have been precisely anodized to create a dynamic range of colors as part of the overall composition.

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